Justus Asembo

Technology Innovation and Business Re-engineering Specialist

Technology Innovation and Business Re-engineering Specialist

Justus has huge experience in activity and data modeling, developing modern business methods, identifying best practices, creating and assessing performance measurements, and striving for continuous improvement.  He has supported the success of a high-performing organization by helping to champion process improvement practices and culture. Justus has helped set up various e-commerce online platforms for Innovations and technology-based businesses that want to do business online and in the modern innovative and technological approaches.

Just has 10 years progressive experience in business improvement and performance measurement projects. With a demonstrated track record of reengineering business processes and driving adoption across organizations/departments. He has a clear understanding of the business process streamlining methodologies. He is accredited in Lean, Six Sigma, and other process improvement methodologies

Just has experience in managing functional processes and policies and/or projects, with enormous experience of implementing continuous improvement processes

Justus is responsible of organizing information and design strategies using data from usability testing on how users interact with the company’s communications systems. He is also able to coordinate with Web Producers and creative and production departments to implement their strategies.

He assists the marketing team in preparing market plans and strategies to promote the company’s products. Analyze existing and potential markets to identify and secure business development opportunities. Works with internal teams to achieve targeted business goals.

Justus also is responsible for analyzing existing and potential markets to identify and secure business development opportunities. Prepare effective proposals, presentations, demonstrations, and sales tools on business development opportunities for management.

Establish and maintain a customer relations management database. Conduct competitive product analysis and market research to develop roadmap and sales strategy to secure new business. Informs account Managers on identified business opportunities.

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