Mr. Delvin Matioli

Lead Peer Entrepreneur Mentor and Relationships officer

Lead Peer Entrepreneur Mentor and Relationships officer

Mr. Delvin Indangasi is a self-made young entrepreneur. He has helped a significant number of young entrepreneurs through basic quick training and focused one on one – mentorship sessions through I-Kurve mentorship network business programs, Mr. Delvin Matioli has impacted many young business startups to sustainable growth, especially out of Innovation, agri-tech startups.

With the Entrepreneurial Innovation Capacity of Delvin Matioli, I-Kurve provides young people, who have little more than a bright idea and the determination to succeed, with start-up skills and the services of a volunteer mentor.

However, well known is the true nature of the mentor-client relationship and the impact this has on the various young person’s personal and business success, from our impact experiences. Delvin leads a qualified and distinctly experience group of mentors to provide coaching and mentorship support to young entrepreneurs and Enterprise development program managers from different countries. Using case study method explores what leads to success for the young entrepreneurs and business startups.

According to Delvin, the emerging themes show the nature of the relationship is affected at three critical phases: start-up, midpoint, and endpoint of young business engagement for business acceleration. The results also show that mentors are required to use an approach towards entrepreneurs that reduces dependency and increases self-confidence to young entrepreneurs.

Delvin and I-Kurve employ a style of mentoring which is less directive and more empowering as the client’s business starts to grow. We work with farmer producer and Marketing groups and Associations to enable agribusinesses to excel in performance.

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