Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

For successful project design, implementation and frameworks

Innovation Kurve Consulting group has long experience of Monitoring & Evaluation of programmes, with a pool of consultants that have taken part in a large array of projects and trainings in Asia, Africa, Asia, and South America. Our service includes, Project design, development of M&E plans, Project Implementation plans and M&E frameworks.

Frameworks for continuous data collection before, during and after program roll out (monitoring), as well as measuring outcomes, impact and effectiveness of programs (evaluation). Design and development of learning agendas for maximizing program impact and review of future plans

The reliability of conclusions and evaluations depends to a large extent on the manner in which monitoring and evaluation are conducted.

To assess performance, it is necessary to select, before the implementation of the project, indicators, which will permit the rating of the targeted outputs and outcomes. In our experience, an outcome indicator has two components: the baseline, which is the situation before the program or project begins, and the target, which is the expected situation at the end of the project.

An output indicator that does not have any baseline as the purpose of the output is to introduce something that does not exist yet.

The progress and success of projects is vital to project sustainability, thus comprehensive M&E and reporting resources are essential. Our support includes designing and implementing M&E systems, M&E system strengthening, M&E frameworks, capacity building to ensure organizations observe accurately and up to date M&E practices as well as assisting organizations in identifying optimum M&E technical support.

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