Learning Agenda

Eliminating knowledge gaps for corporate & individual success

Design and Develop Learning Agenda

In our process of developing the learning, we collaborate with key stakeholders. We take the first step in developing a learning agenda by engaging with all relevant stakeholders. Then we facilitate our clients to formulate and prioritize learning questions. Thirdly, the team develops a plan to answer questions. Fourthly implement the plan and review questions.

Reasons for developing a learning agenda

A need to identify inefficiencies and/or knowledge gaps hindering the success of your team’s work. Lack of sufficient information or evidence to guide a team’s decision making when action is needed on (an) issue(s). Desire to develop a strategic plan for gathering knowledge and data that stems from valuing continuous learning.

I-Kurve Consulting groups help our Learning agenda clients to address challenges by considering

COLLABORATING: Are they collaborating with the right partners at the right time to promote synergy over stove-piping?
LEARNING: Is the client’s team asking the most important questions and finding answers relevant to decision making?
ADAPTING: Are they using the information gathered through collaboration and learning activities to arrive at better decisions and make adjustments as necessary?
ENABLING CONDITIONS: Are they working in an organizational environment that supports CLA efforts?

Other M&E service offerings include

Situational assessment, Evaluation and research

Impact and outcome evaluations, performance assessments, process evaluations and formative research

Capacity building

Training and workshops, M&E systems development and support and mentoring

Monitoring support

Monitoring/performance frameworks, indicators and plans, data quality audits/assessments

Data visualization

Database design, dashboard reporting systems and knowledge management.

Learning agendas

Design and establishment of learning agenda, for strategy and policy, support organizational change as well as learning, and to foster adaptive management across an organization

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