Business Start-up Incubation

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I-Kurve Online of Business Boot-camp is your place to start, grow and scale a business of your own.

  • Are you tired of your day job?

  • Do you hate having a boss breathing down your neck?

  • Do you want to make more money and charge what you’re truly worth?

  • Do you want more freedom to take time off, go on longer vacations, and enjoy life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in the right place.

Germination to Ideation Period

We help individuals or groups with an idea of a business. Sometimes this innovation comes out of need, rather than opportunity, and is very risky. It is an expensive period, where all is expenses and the risks are highest.

We support the entrepreneur(s) to understand how and where an idea has graduated to a plan, with a team, and operations have begun.

Business Incubation Coaching Support Services

I-Kurve team of Incubation experts can help refine the plan, build the team, Show where and how to access resources, and invest in the startup.

This is also a relatively early intervention before the company is profitable. entrepreneurs are often not able to pay much for services, and assistance is though still targeted at get the entrepreneur to start-off but priced at minimal payments are made online. At ‘acceleration’ this focuses on more mature start-ups (Companies can pay for services, and need targeted assistance).

Hosting online Post-incubation Young Business Startups

This is where an upcoming profitable young business merely seeks a particular type of facility, we are very ready and well-positioned to provide mentorship.

We build and maintain a relationship with such maturing young companies and becoming a crucial strategy to assist with and subsidize their other programs

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