Dorcas A. Ouma

Business Entrepreneurship Development and Mentor

Business Entrepreneurship Development and Mentor

Dorcas  A. Ouma is an entrepreneurship skills trainer and business development mentor who enjoys working with grassroots organizations. For the past several years, spanning over 10 years, she has conducted skills transfer and provided mentorship to several groups including youth and girls.

Her experience, obtained while working for International nongovernmental organizations has seen her actively engaged in community mobilization to enhance uptake of group savings and loan methodology.

She has engaged government officers and community leaders to introduce the group/village savings and loaning (GSL/VSL) methodology and concept among the bottom of the pyramid poor.

She has also actively been engaged in girl’s empowerment and mentorship program in Kibera informal settlement through life skills training and coaching through sports.

She has worked with women groups to introduce business startups in rural areas and farmers’ groups to teach them about agriculture as a business as well as the value chain. Her special areas of interest span across financial literacy and inclusion for the majority poor who cannot access formal financial services, development of business plans, group dynamics and conflict management as well as the selection, planning, and management of income-generating activities.

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