Mrs. Judy Kaari Miriti

Human Resource Director

Human Resource Director

Mrs. Indangasi Judy Kaari Miriti is responsible for the smooth and profitable operation of the company’s human resources and experts’ recruitment. Typically, she supervises and provides consultation to management on strategic staffing plans, compensation, benefits, training and development, budget, and labor relations.

Mrs. Judy effectively plans, designs, develops, and evaluates our human resource-related initiatives that support organizational strategic goals. In addition, she leads our programs performance management, talent assessment, and effective contractual relationships, including negotiating and administering contract agreements.

She supervises staff and reports to the chief executive officer on issues regarding implementation of policies and procedures, safety of the workforce, recruiting and hiring high-performing experts, researches on legislative and other human resources issues.

She also directs the development and implementation of organizational development programs, experts and specialists’ orientation and training programs, benefits plans, policies and guidelines, database management procedures, equal opportunity engagement programs, and experts database and documentation policies. Evaluating effectiveness through compiling and analyzing data is also another one of her important function.

She is responsible for ensuring compliance with both international contractual regulations and local laws.

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