Mr. Kephas M. Indangasi

Senior Technical Advisor

Senior Technical Advisor; Market Systems and Private Sector Development/MSMEs and Value Chain Management.

Kephas Indangasi has a Master of Business Administration-Organizational Management from Duke University, and a Master of Arts Sociology-Rural Sociology and Rural Development from the University of Nairobi, with a baseline degree in Bachelor of Commerce –Accounting – UoN.  Kephas is an accomplished market system and private sector development, SMEs, institutional development, and economic growth specialist with over 31 years of experience in project preparation/design, formulation, evaluation, management, and implementation.  He has solid knowledge in (M)SMEs development, rural livelihoods and community empowerment /household income improvement strategies, value chain analysis and development with specialization in market systems (M4P) approach, Development of strategies for institutional strengthening, value chain analysis and development, warehouse receipts and inventory credit and agricultural extension service support to smallholder farmers.

Kephas Indangasi formerly led teams of experts facilitating effective participation of resource-poor smallholder farmers in markets, including improved access to appropriate inputs, services, knowledge, and technologies, as well as organizational, input, service, and output market strategies. He has long experience in market systems strengthening, helping agricultural markets work smarter while enhancing agricultural productivity and increased quality production, generating capacity for competitiveness; Business Incubations and MSMEs start-ups and growth, Private sector development, capacity building young people to become entrepreneurs. He is a leading consultant expert in the fields of the Market sector and Private sector development and Agribusiness/MSMEs development.

Has related experience has been gained in over 46 different Africa and South Asia locations as a team leader for agribusiness and value chain development programs for various Development partners including DfID, World Bank, KfW, SIDA, USAID, USDA, JICA, EC, DANIDA, AfDB, IFAD and Netherlands DfAT. Including experience in agribusinesses and agricultural SMEs on value chain development, Cross border trade facilitation.

SME startups mentorship, financial modeling, establishing business partnerships, growth, and development strategies, and assisting agribusinesses with sustainable business practices and management in farming.

His work has involved organization and coordination of business advisory services for agribusiness SMEs, organization of business to business for a opportunities including trade fairs with partner organizations, identifying partnership collaboration opportunities for agri -SMEs, identifying and linking agri – SMEs to opportunities linked to access to finance to facilitate growth and development of their business ventures, conducting market study including development of marketing strategies, carrying out market and financial linkages, conducting value chain assessments to determine appropriate interventions to enhance agricultural productivity, implementing mobile supply chain solutions while creating market access for the rural agribusinesses, conducting strategic consulting visits and trainings for agribusinesses, including business plan development, investment assistance, strategic project planning, and/ or market information system setup, building links to new markets and private sector service providers, implementing program activities with targeted agribusinesses integrating the market facilitation approach while documenting the lessons learnt, stimulating value chain integration and building market linkages to increase the volume and value of trade including mobilizing participants to participate in identified buyer – seller forums and other opportunities, developing and understand key value chain linkages and promote more efficient aggregation and distribution channels.

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