Ms. Tracy Lavenda Odhiambo

Legal and Statutory Regulations officer

Legal and Statutory Regulations officer

Lavender Odhiambo is I-Kurve CG’s principal legal advisor, responsible for managing all of the firm’s legal affairs. She provides legal support to I-Kurve CG’s technical sectors and support departments, as well as I-Kurve CG’s international offices and projects. Tracy Lavender Odhiambo is a holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Law from The University of Nairobi in addition to being a part-time trainee at KESRA (Kenya School of Revenue Administration) undertaking a post-graduate diploma course dealing in Taxation matters and statutory reporting (Tax Administration).

Ms. Odhiambo possesses up to 7 years’ experience in different fields having interacted with and gained knowledge from diverse fields over the years including microenterprise development and statutory requirements support,  the legal field, the taxation and tax returns, marketing, and Trading, Agricultural value chain analysis.

She possesses excellent communication skills, both verbally and in writing. Odhiambo is highly analytical with a tendency of paying keen attention to detail. She is bestowed with outstanding managerial and negotiation skills transferable to potential business start-ups and young entrepreneurs’ support. Ms. Odhiambo is equally experienced hence tasked to be responsible in

  • preparing the appropriate legal documents for trial or court proceedings
  • Supporting young businesses to evaluate new business partnerships with vendors and sub-contractors.
  • Giving legal opinions in her capacity as an able Legal Officer.
  • Design and oversee company-policies and positions on their legal matters while still protecting such startup companies against legal risks and violations
  • Examining legal issues related to new products and services with many young, growing, and expanding entrepreneurs.
  • Negotiate deals on behalf of young startups and companies.
  • Guiding young businesses on regulatory and compliance issues in compliance with legal regulations.

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